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Notorious B.I.G performing the song he wrote. “Queen Bitch”. Act like you know.


Me using the 1s and 2s. It could always be worse.



my name is Jenni, I am 20 years old and living in Berlin

on the 22nd of june I had to flee my apartment because my roommate’s abusive boyfriend attacked both of us. I reported him but he and my roommate denied everything and she still lets her boyfriend live with her.

I am currently living with friends and already have a new flat I can move into on the 1st of august but I am completely out of money. I don’t get money until the 26th of september, until then I have close to nothing.

not only do I have to pay rent and buy food, I also have a cat, Leo.

I just hope some of you might donate a little sum or just reblog this to signal boost. my paypal is

thank you so much

WARNING: This is a SCAM. I sent her $10,000 and she didn’t even buy cat food!

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"If your country was the size of Detroit, and missiles and bombs were destroying everything in sight, where would you go? Gaza is one of the most populous places on earth, due to its small size. Yet I just heard a spokesman for Israel’s prime minister on my television. He said the civilian casualties were exaggerated. I unequivocally believe in Israel’s right to exist, but that does not give them the right to exist like savages. I have no dog in this fight, but there are an awful lot of US Jews who resort to sectarianism very quickly, excusing and supporting an extreme amount of violence."
"The Israeli government is destroying house in The West Bank, as a punishment for being related to people in Gaza. This is like having your home destroyed in New Jersey, because your relatives in Maryland are throwing rocks at soliders."

— Show & Prove

"The US has the world’s largest prison population. Almost double China, which is a one party state, with a billion people."
Common. Resurrection Instrumentals. Test Press. My crates run deep.

Common. Resurrection Instrumentals. Test Press. My crates run deep.



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Achrioptera fallax (x)



Real cute. Until it lays its eggs in your ear, and the larva eat what is left of your brain.

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